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High Energy Dairy Cow

Balanced feed elaborated for feeding lactating dairy cows under grazing system of high-protein forage.

Nutritional Characteristics
Feed supplement for milking cows elaborated from corn and wheat bran, plus the addition of macro-minerals (Ca, P), micro-minerals and vitamins.

Percentage composition
Corn: ~ 55%.
Wheat Barn: ~ 40%.

Nutritional Composition
Dry Matter min: 88%.
Metabolizable Energy: 2.85 Mcal / kg MS.
Crude Protein min: 12%.
Ethereal Extract: 4%.
Ash: 7%      -   Calcium: 1.2%     -   Phosphorous: 0.7%     -     Zinc 11ppm  
Crude Fiber: 7%

Functional Characteristics
Supplement for lactating cows under legume grazing systems.
High Energy Dairy Cow is design to provide adequate rumen balance, increase milk production and avoid nutritional deficiencies and reproductive problems.

Instructions for use
Recommend intake of 4 to 8 kg per cow per day, according to animal requirements and production system.

Pelleted (4-4,5mm diameter) x 40kg bag or in bulk.

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