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Pre-calving Concentrate 33%

Protein supplement for dairy cows during last 6-8 weeks before calving

Nutritional Characteristics
Elaborated from soybean meal, plus the addition of minerals, vitamins and additives
Does not contain anionic salts.
Does not contain Urea.

Functional Characteristics
- Provides high quality protein to supplement the diet of cereals and conserved forages (hay and silage).
- Contains adjusted levels of macro-minerals, micro-minerals and vitamins required at this stage.
- Does not contain anionic salts, allowing its use in advanced heifers.
- Provides accurate dose of monensin to compensate the decline in voluntary intake.

Percentage composition
Corn: ~ 5%.
Wheat Barn: ~ 30%.
Soybean Meal: ~ 60%.
Nutritional Composition
Dry Matter min: 88%.
TDN: 75%
Metabolizable Energy: 2.65 Mcal / kg MS.
Crude Protein min: 33%.
Ethereal Extract: 2.85%.
Ash: 5.5%      -   Calcium: 0.7%     -   Phosphorous: 0.6% 
Crude Fiber: 4.65%

Instructions for use
Recommend intake of 3 to 4 kg per cow per day, according to animal requirements and production system.

Pelleted (4-4,5mm diameter) x 40kg bag or in bulk.

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