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Elite Fresh Cow Concentrate

Elite Fresh Cow Concentrate is design to supplement rations of high genetic merit cows, during first weeks of lactation ("Fresh Cow Period"), ensuring peak performance.

Nutritional Characteristics
Elaborated from soybean meal and deactivated soybean, plus the addition of macro-minerals (Ca, P), micro-minerals, vitamins and additives (monensin, and yeast).

Functional Characteristics
-Provides highly efficient energy sources to compensate for reduced voluntary intake at this stage, therefore attenuating the mobilization of body fat reserves.
- Provides high levels of bypass protein (not degradable in rumen) to decrease the mobilization of muscle protein.
- Contains additives that help prevent metabolic disorders and improve ruminal adaptation to diets with high energy level (peak lactation).
- Provides minerals and vitamins adjusted to increased demand at this stage.
Reaching high nutritional requirements of this stage, allows to:
- Reduce the clinical presentation of metabolic diseases (ketosis, ruminal acidosis, hypocalcemia) and infectious diseases (mastitis, metritis).
- Achieve rapid production peak and sustained lactation curve.
- A normal uterine involution and ovarian early reactivation.
- Increase the number of average lactations of the herd.

Nutritional Composition
Dry Matter min: 88%.
Metabolizable Energy: 2.8 Mcal / kg MS.       -        NEI 1,68 Mcal/kgMS.
Crude Protein min: 32%                  -    RUP: 45%
Ethereal Extract: 4%.
Ash:12,6%      -   Calcium: 1.8%     -   Phosphorous: 1.15%  
Crude Fiber: 17.6%

Instructions for use
Recommend intake of 2 to 5 kg per cow per day, according to animal requirements and production system.

Pelleted (4-4,5mm diameter) x 40kg bag or in bulk.

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