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Enriched Soybean Meal

Protein supplement, ideal for middle quality conserved forages systems and where the availability of pastures is variable or sparse.

Nutritional Characteristics
Elaborated from soybean meal, plus the addition of macro-minerals (Ca, P), micro-minerals, vitamins (A,D,E) and monensin.

Percentage composition
Calcium Carbonate: ~ 5%.
Soybean Meal: ~ 90%.

Nutritional Composition
Dry Matter min: 88%.
Metabolizable Energy: 2.8 Mcal / kg MS.   – TDN: 69.5%
Crude Protein min: 40%
Ethereal Extract: 1.45%.
Ash:14.5%      -   Calcium: 2.11%     -   Phosphorous: 0.54%   -  Zinc: 0.03%  - Potassium:1.76%   
Crude Fiber: 5.6%

Functional Characteristics
Protein supplement designed for herds of high performance, with the proper dose of monensin which reduces incidence of ruminal tympany (bloat) and improves utilization and conversion of feed.
Ideal for mixing with energy sources (preferably corn).
The use of high degradable protein sources (Soybean Meal) boosts bacterial multiplication, and the addition of organic minerals helps prevent deficiencies, while ensuring healthy herd condition and reproductive performance.

Instructions for use
Recommend intake of 1 to 4 kg per cow per day, according to animal requirements and production system.

Pelleted (4-4,5mm diameter) x 40kg bag or in bulk.

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